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'Bündnerfleisch' Grison Air-Dried Beef (ca. 90 G) ***On Stock Item***

'Bündnerfleisch' Grison Air-Dried Beef (ca. 90 G) ***On Stock Item***

"Bündnerfleisch" Grison Air-Dried Beef

Pack, cut, ca. 90 g

This product is shipped fresh from Switzerland and was never frozen.

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Product Description


    "Bündnerfleisch" Grison Air-Dried Beef

    Bündnerfleisch, also known as Bindenfleisch or Viande des Grisons, is an air-dried meat that is produced in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland.

    The main ingredient is beef, taken from the animal’s upper thigh or shoulder, the fat and the sinews being removed. Before drying, the meat is treated with white wine and seasonings such as salt, onion and assorted herbs. The initial curing process, lasting 3 – 5 weeks, takes place in sealed containers stored at a temperature close to freezing point. The meat is regularly rearranged during this stage, in order to ensure that the salt and seasonings will be evenly distributed and absorbed. During a second drying phase the meat is then hung in free-flowing air at a temperature of between 9 and 14 °C. It is also periodically pressed in order to separate out residual moisture: from this pressing Bündnerfleisch acquires its characteristic rectangular shape.

    Traditionally Bündnerfleisch was not a smoked meat. The extent of water loss during the salting and drying processes, whereby the product loses approximately half of its initial weight, is sufficient to confer excellent keeping qualities and a high nutritional value, without the need for any additional preservatives.

    Bündnerfleisch is served with bread, sliced very thinly. It is often part of the traditional dish raclette, served to accompany the cheese of the same name alongside ham and vegetables. It can also be served in soup, cut into strips and served with a variety of Swiss dishes.

    Nutrition Information (per 100g)

    Energy:                  207 kcal
    Total fat:                     4.3 g
    - Saturated fat:             2 g
    - Trans fat:                    0 g
    Protein:                        42 g
    Carbohydrates:            0 g
    - Sugars:                       0 g
    Sodium:                      4.8 g

    beef, iodized table salt, spices, glucose, preservative (E 252), antioxidants (E 301, E 331), garlic extract

    Allergen information: none

    This product is shipped fresh from Switzerland and was never frozen. Keep refrigerated (4 -7°C)

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Canton of Manufacture Grisons
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