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Let's raise the steaks or as we Swiss do... the Cervelats

The winter is finally over, the weather is right - time to BBQ with friends and family!

Let's raise the steaks or as we Swiss do... the Cervelats
The weather is right, so it's time to de-winterize the BBQ. Celebrate the arrival of spring with a Swiss BBQ with friends and family enjoying a Cervelat or Bratwurst from Spiess in Switzerland. Swiss House Shop imports the Swiss Veal-Bratwurst 'Kalbs-Bratwurst', the Olma-Bratwurst and the Cervelat regularly to Hong Kong to the delight of our customers.

We send our sausages fresh from Switzerland by direct flight to Hong Kong and then on directly to the convenience of your home - freshness guaranteed, just like in Switzerland.

Perfect for your BBQ of course is the Thomy Mustard 'Senf' we import in packages of 200 g and a cold Appenzeller Quöllfrisch Beer or a Rivella for the kids. But what would such an event be like without the famous Zweifel - Paprika Chips? Refer to our product list for more details.

Spiess, our supplier of sausages is among the top ranked sausage producers of Switzerland and winner of many awards.

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