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Of ‘Prunes and Plums’ – What is the difference and how to best enjoy them

Switzerland produces both prunes as well as plums, and the Swiss have come up with some great products derived from both fruits.

Of ‘Prunes and Plums’ – What is the difference and how to best enjoy them
A plum is a relative of cherries, peaches, and almonds while a prune is a variety or a type of plum. Most varieties of plums have red skins when ripe, but prunes have blue or purple skins when ripe. Prunes are oval-shaped while other types of plums are either heart-shaped or round-shaped. They can be enjoyed fresh, dried, as jam, juice, etc. and they both are packed with nutrients.

Switzerland produces both, the plum and the prune, and it being a seasonal fruit a vast range of products are made from both. We are all familiar with the most common ways to enjoy both fruits but Swiss distillers also process the fruits to create some of the best and famous brandy Switzerland has to offer: ‘Zwetschgen’, ‘Pflümli’ or as referred to in the French-speaking part of Switzerland ‘Prune’. Mostly Swiss people enjoy them as digestif after a meal with the intention of aiding digestion. These brandy liquors also go very well with or in coffee.

At Swiss House Shop you find a vast selection of brandies from renown Swiss distillers such as Etter, Appenzeller Alpenbitter, and others. Of course you may also find all the other products to make and serve your favorite Swiss brandy to your family and friends, such as glasses, coffee, teas, and other products.

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