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Music CD 'Chrüz & Quer'

Music CD 'Chrüz & Quer'

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Chrüz & Quer - Ländler Music and Traditional Swiss Jodel-Songs

Various Artists, 22 Songs
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    Chrüz & Quer - Ländler Music and Traditional Swiss Jodel-Songs

    Perhaps no sound is quite as evocative of place as Swiss yodeling. While it is performed for pleasure and entertainment now and has become a well known folk tradition of Switzerland, the evolution of yodeling was one of rural practicality. Yodeling evolved in the central region of Switzerland in rural Alpine communities as a vital form of communication. It was used to call to cow flocks. But more importantly, it was used to communicate from village to village and mountain to mountain, for communities separated by deep Alpine valleys and rugged terrain. Yodelers were calling from hill to hill.

    Of course it has evolved over the centuries to become an art form in the choral tradition. As the pragmatic call turned into an art form, natural yodeling became the norm. In the 19th century yodeling morphed into songs that included two, three, and four-part harmony. This is what we know and enjoy today, at festivals and other performances. Songs are normally accompanied by an accordion called a 'Schwyzerörgeli'. Today the Swiss Yodeling Association keeps the practice alive, organizing competitions. Yodeling has evolved into songs that have lyrics mostly in German, some in French, and are performed in regional festivals and cantonal competitions.

    The Album includes the following artists and songs:

    1. Schafhirt - Rütner Ländlerfünde
    2. Abschiedsgruess - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    3. Auf zur Kaiseregg - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    4. Muess juchzge - Jodlerdoppelquartett Allschwil
    5. Im Pulverschnee - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    6. Plötscha schottisch - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    7. De Röbi de Radi u de Sepp - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    8. Vollbluet - Rütner Ländlerfünde
    9. Märze - Jodlerdoppelquartett Allschwil
    10. Am plaffeie Märt - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    11. Wach uf und sing - Jodlerdoppelquartett Allschwil
    12. An der Limmat - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    13. Uf der Höchi - Jodlerdoppelquartett Allschwil
    14. Chilbitanz - Rütner Ländlerfünde
    15. Chüjerläbe - Jodlerdoppequartett Allschwil
    16. Uf em Zugerörgeli - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    17. Mys Hobby - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    18. Klang und Glanz - Jodlerdoppelquartett Allschwil
    19. Freud am Läbä - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    20. De Früehlig isch do - Jodlerdoppelquartett Allschwil
    21. Am Otti z lieb - Rütner Ländlerfründe
    22. Alpnacht - Jodeldoppelquartett Allschwil

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    Canton of Manufacture Zurich
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