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Why is my favorite Swiss product out of stock?

Supply chain implications are affecting Swiss producers and Swiss House Shop availability of some products during the Covid-19 pandemic

Why is my favorite Swiss product out of stock?
As in Hong Kong also in Switzerland the Covid-19 is putting a burden on the normal way of life for individuals as well as manufacturers and service providers. At times some products may not be available at Swiss House Shop and we kindly ask our clients for their understanding and patience. There are reasons implicating also our business of importing Swiss products to Hong Kong. Hereafter is a brief summary of what is implicating our business.

Firstly, we were overwhelmed by the increase of on-line shopping in the past few months done thru our website. Many people in Hong Kong at present prefer to do on-line shopping and have their products delivered to the convenience of their home, often from where they are also working at the moment. There have also been some implications in Switzerland due to panic-buying that have hindered also our procurement efforts for some products. Some of our Swiss suppliers, have had to suspend or halt production for a while as a preventive measure to contain the virus. This has been especially difficult for small to medium-sized suppliers of ours, which we represent here in Hong Kong. Some suppliers are suffering from supply chain issues as they can’t get ingredients or packaging material for their products. A further implication of course is the logistics aspect to get the products from Switzerland to Hong Kong. Most of our products are flown to Hong Kong by courier or by air-shipments and due to the cancellation of so many flights, space on aircraft has become a valuable and scarce commodity. As we want to keep our prices stable we had to make some changes to our logistics procedures, that includes that pre-order items such as fresh meats and cheeses, where we had to reduce frequencies. We are also noting that the Swiss Franc, always considered a safe-heaven for investors during economic downturns is getting stronger, thus for us being a Hong Kong registered company we need to be cautious on this factor as well.

Nonetheless, we are doing our utmost to continue to source and import your favorite Swiss products in a timely fashion and keep an adequate stock here in Hong Kong so that you may continue to enjoy your favorite Swiss products and our services.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and your continued trust in Swiss House Shop

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