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Weinkellerei Rahm - Sauser ‘Herbst-Ziit isch Suuser-Ziit’

‘Autumn Time is Sauser Time’ The Sauser production takes place in autumn and has a long tradition at the Weinkellerei Rahm

Weinkellerei Rahm - Sauser ‘Herbst-Ziit isch Suuser-Ziit’
Sauser is a partially fermented grape juice, and is not a wine. It is pressed from white or red grape varieties, and the alcoholic fermentation is in progress.

Sauser is produced mainly in the wine-regions of the German-speaking European countries, namely Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Whereas in Switzerland it is known as Sauser, in Germany and in Austria it is referred to as ‘Federweisser’, ‘Federroter’, ‘Neuer Wein’, ‘Bitzler’ or ‘Sturm’. Sauser is produced seasonally in Autumn. Grape juice begins to ferment quite quickly due to the naturally contained or added yeast and depending on the storage temperature. The sugars glucose and fructose from the grapes are split into alcohol and carbonic acid, which gives the Sauser its unmistakable taste and slight sparkling sensation.

Sauser is best served slightly chilled and given the season it is traditionally enjoyed with hearty game dishes – venison such as ‘Reh- and Hirschpfeffer’

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