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‘To Aromat or not to Aromat’ – A question Swiss don’t ask much…

Aromat condiment powder is an icon in Switzerland and the Swiss sprinkle it on almost anything they can think of

‘To Aromat or not to Aromat’ – A question Swiss don’t ask much…
Knorr Aromat. A balanced blend of quality herbs and spices, Aromat Seasoning makes a great all-purpose seasoning for your dishes. Used for marinating meats, seasoning of soups, pastas, sauces and rice. This is the official version, but there is more to it…

Aromat is a powdered seasoning with a light yellow color and is an iconic Swiss product that you can find anywhere in shops and restaurants across Switzerland. A man named Walter Obrist first invented Aromat in 1952 and it has since impacted the Swiss cuisine. Swiss people sprinkle Aromat on almost everything and of course everyone has their own favorite. Very popular is to season eggs, cucumbers and other vegetables, such as sting beans or raw tomatoes, salads, potatoes but even a slice of buttered bread.

At the request of so many of our customers, we finally bring you also the Aromat (the one made in Switzerland) to Hong Kong. Now we can start the discussions… boiled egg – Aromat? Absolutely!

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