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‘Tischgrill’ – The perfect appliance for your family events

Stöckli invented the first table-grill for melting Raclette cheese in the comfort of your home in 1971

‘Tischgrill’ – The perfect appliance for your family events
With a Stöckli appliance you can do much more than just melted Raclette cheese over potatoes. The table-top appliance allows you to combine Raclette and Table-Grilling at the same time. Many appliances offered are also capable to make mini-Pizzas at the table, crêpes and other favorites to ensure there is something for everyone and every occasion to enjoy. These are some of the reasons the table-grills have become so popular over the course of the past 50 years since they were invented by Stöckli in Switzerland.

The Raclette does not require much introduction as traditional Swiss dish. Melt the Raclette cheese slices in the pans provided for with your appliance and pour the cheese over boiled potatoes on your plate. Season with Raclette condiment and serve with pickled cornichons and silver onions.

Your Stöckli table-top appliance in the centre of the table, meat, fish and vegetables à discretion, a selection of fine sauces/dips from light to spicy: that's table-grilling! Eating is one thing, the real event is BBQing yourself. Table grill is sociable and casual, but not inconspicuous. That is why cooking on the hot plate has what it takes to have become a holiday classic in Switzerland and beyond.

For those who like to have guests, but not so much the hassle of preparing a multi-course meal, the table grill is the right choice. The principle is simple: Everyone cooks what they want and how much they want: Raclette cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, Pizza or even fruits. A master chef degree is not required. Experience comes from applying fantasy and adventure. Children also love to BBQ their own meat, make a mini-Pizza or burgers. Just like ‘Fondue Chinoise’ (hotpot), the holiday menu par excellence, the table grill is perfect for any event because there is no need to pre-cook. Whether for a slightly different brunch, for lunch or dinner event.

Now it's time to get down to business: a table-top grill is a delight for BBQ lovers and now you can do it in the convenience of your home, regardless of weather conditions outdoors. There is seldom so much choice at once: poultry, veal, beef, pork, lamb, ostrich and rabbit fillets are recommended in portions of around 20 g each. The selection goes on: Small sausages or rondelles of ‘Kalbsbratwurst’ (veal sausage) are excellent on the table grill, as do skewers, hamburgers or fried bacon. But how about fish? In addition to prawns (tail-on), calamari rings or the fine scallops, we recommend salmon, tuna, cod, sole or redfish - always in smaller pieces.

They are the refinement of the grill: the irresistible sauces. They shouldn't be missing from the table grill. It is best to choose from light to hearty. You can't go wrong with the classic ‘Chinoise’ sauces. Mayonnaise-based sauces and fresh herbal sauces with a little lemon go well with fish. Homemade herb butter is always popular, as it goes well with everything.

The table grill also takes on the preparation of tasty side dishes and the vegetarian choice. The same applies here: everyone takes and combines as they please. Bell peppers in all colors, onions, fennel and mushrooms (champignons, Portabella) taste nice and spicy when grilled. Thinly sliced artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes. Eggplant and zucchini rondelles, onions – all your favorite veggies are always a delight, and of course a little roasted garlic. The classic side dishes complete the feast: fresh, crusty bread, rice and potato chips. Salads are also perfect and depending on seasonality add nuts, seeds, pitted grapes, etc. to them.

Now comes the highlight: a piece of meat, some grilled vegetables, with a little sauce on top: The perfect bite!

Wishing you enjoyable and memorable Raclette & Table-Grill events!

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