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Swiss House Shop – Top Selling Thomy Products

For a long time the best selling product of Swiss House Shop has been the Thomy Mustard. What makes this mustard so popular in Hong Kong?

Swiss House Shop – Top Selling Thomy Products
… well, not just in Hong Kong. In almost every Swiss household you will find some Thomy products, that’s a fact. Be it mustard – mild, medium spicy, spicy; mayonnaise – a la francaise, tuna, herbs, olive oil, etc. you will certainly find everyone’s favorite Thomy product in a tube. But where do they come from, what makes them so special and what are they used for? A little background…

In 1907, Helvetia became the first company to produce mustard on an industrial scale in Switzerland. Its mustard was sold in bulk in large stoneware pots under the Langenthaler Senf brand. Subsequently renamed Thomi’s Lagenthaler Senf, the brand was eventually registered under the name Thomy’s Senf in 1930, with the ‘i’ being replaced with a ‘y’ in Thomy to make it a more internationally marketable name. Hans Thomi, the founder of Thomi & Franck SA also decided to sell his mustard in a tube to set it apart from that of his competitors. In 1951 Thomy began mayonnaise production as well, while in 1976 they expanded to introduce bottled salad dressings.

Thomy has been voted among the twenty most popular Swiss brands for the last ten years, demonstrating its popularity in Switzerland. It also enjoys a 99% recognition rate in Swiss households, and is consumed in over 2.3 million households. An average Swiss household consumes about five Thomy mayonnaise tubes a year as well as three Thomy mustard tubes. The per capita consumption of mayonnaise and mustard in Switzerland is 1 kg and 500g respectively.

A sausage without Thomy mustard, from the tube n.b., is almost unthinkable in Switzerland but that’s not the only use of the mustard. Mustard is often used in dressings, sauces and marinades, and the same is true for the mayonnaise. Salad dressings are often refined with mayonnaise, and the Thomy mayonnaise goes very well with eggs, vegetables (asparagus!), tuna, and potatoes in all their forms, such as spreads, dips or salads. Often sandwiches are garnished with mayonnaise but notably another favorite for Swiss is to use mayonnaise for fish dishes, particularly deep fried fish – fish fingers, calamari rings, but more traditional certainly the crunchy pike being served on the banks of the river Rhine during the summer months at the popular ‘Fischessen’ (Fish Festival).

Enjoy the unique tastes of Thomy mustard and mayonnaise!

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