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Stöckli – Enjoy a Swiss Fondue or Raclette in style!

Indulge your family and friends with a Swiss traditional Fondue or Raclette with a stylish Stöckli table appliance.

Stöckli – Enjoy a Swiss Fondue or Raclette in style!
As the inventor of the Raclette table appliance in 1969, Stöckli offers a range of different products for a shared cooking experience at home. Enjoy a traditional Swiss Raclette, or a Fondue with one of the high-quality Cheese-, Chinoise-, and Bourguignonne fondue sets.

Stöckli was founded in 1874 and is based in Netstal, canton of Glarus and employs 120 people in its family-owned business. Its products represent highest Swiss quality and stylish designs incorporated in the appliances offered.

What better way to enjoy one of the Swiss traditional dishes during the ‘cold’ winter months in Hong Kong. At Swiss House Shop you find a vast selection of Stöckli quality appliances and of course everything you may need for a delightful and cozy Swiss Fondue or Raclette experience with friends and family at the convenience of your home.

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