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‘Stocki’ – So popular in Switzerland its not even called mashed potatoes anymore…

Stocki is easy to prepare and made with real potatoes

‘Stocki’ – So popular in Switzerland its not even called mashed potatoes anymore…
Knorr 'Stocki' makes preparing mashed potatoes easier then ever before! Knorr mashed potato is a creamy, fresh tasting dish. Made with real potatoes, the 'Stocki' is a perfect side dish for meat or vegetable dishes! A true Swiss traditional side dish, and perfect with sauces.

Don’t waste time anymore on finding the right potatoes, peeling, and boiling potatoes! The Knorr Stocki mix does all that for you! Now you have more time to enjoy with your family. These easy mashed potatoes are so simple to make and it will only take you a few minutes.

For the preparation you require water, salt, butter (or olive oil) and milk. Bring the required amount of water with salt and butter (or olive oil) to a boil, then take it off the heat, add cold milk, and stir in the Knorr mashed potato mix. Leave it for 30 seconds and then stir it – ready to go!

Swiss House Shop Tips:
- Add a pinch of fresh ground nutmeg after the preparation to the mashed potatoes.
- Left over mashed potatoes? No problem, make some croquettes with it!
- Most important when serving mashed potatoes with a dish that includes a sauce, is to make a crater in the center of the serving with a spoon and fill with your favorite sauce.

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