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Spiess - The best Swiss sausages

Swiss House Shop imports fresh Swiss sausages from Spiess to Hong Kong

Spiess - The best Swiss sausages
Among our Swiss meat specialties many of our clients have discovered the famous Spiess sausages that Swiss House Shop has been importing fresh from Switzerland. Imported thru our courier-partner SwissPost our regular shipments of Swiss veal-Bratwurst, Olma-Bratwurst and Cervelat are a delight to our customers in Hong Kong.

We send our sausages fresh from Switzerland by overnight courier directly to our cooling storage in Hong Kong. Along the way, sophisticated thermometers measure any variance or excesses in temperature above the 5`C mark that we have to keep the meat products to be in perfect quality when we deliver them to our customers. Logistics is a real challenge for these products but once you have tasted them, you know why we put so much effort in the logistics chain - freshness guaranteed, just like in Switzerland.

As the products were never frozen and given that we want our customers to enjoy the sausages fresh, we also made a small change to the packing size we offered. Many clients wished to have smaller packages rather than the packs of 5, where some of the sausages, especially for smaller households would then end up in the freezer. Thus we now offer our Bratwursts and Cervelat in packs of 2 each. We thank our customers for their valuable inputs and hope that we can serve you better with this new concept.

Spiess, our supplier of sausages is among the top ranked sausage producers of Switzerland and winner of the 2017 "Kassensturz" (Swiss consumer board) prize. Spiess produces also the renown 'Wienerli' (Frankfurter) sausages for Swiss House Shop. These only come in packs of 4, but they are smaller.

Among other Swiss meat specialties of course you may find the traditional Landjäger (smoked sausage) and the renown Salsiz from Grischuna produced in the Canton of Graubünden.

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