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Special product requests placed with Swiss House Shop

At Swiss House Shop you have the possibility to requests special products not available from our Webshop

Special product requests placed with Swiss House Shop
Although at Swiss House Shop our product portfolio is vast, Swiss products are sourced from various regions of Switzerland, and we offer a vast range of different product categories, we don’t carry all the products our country has to offer. Thus and because everyone from Switzerland living in Hong Kong or all the people who have visited or lived in Switzerland, we have offered the possibility to request from us their favorite products not available thru our Webshop. This is a service we happily provide to our clients and has also helped us to shape our product portfolio over time. Special recurring requests have been integrated into our shop for your convenience.

Having said that we kindly ask you for your understanding that we are unable to comply with some requests and others will have to be carefully considered before we are able to give you a confirmation, price and estimated time of arrival.
We are unable to comply with the following requests: Any dangerous goods items that contain i.e. flammable, corrosive or other chemicals, etc. that require special packing and handling. This includes also candles, essential oils, perfumes, sanitizers and cleaners, etc.; chemical and export restricted items or items requiring special export- and import licenses; food and beverage products without nutrition facts or allergen information, i.e. home-made products; electrical- and electronic equipment not destined for use in Hong Kong; products or brands under exclusive distribution agreement in Hong Kong thru another importer other than Swiss House Shop.

Products of the following category are subject to special import requirements and licenses and may thus be very expensive if the quantities are small: Milk- and cream products; alcoholic beverages, in particular liquors with an alcoholic strength exceeding 30%.

We also would like to emphasize that although we will do our best to accommodate your requests in the next available shipment this is not always possible and we kindly ask for your patience. At present we are also faced with some panic-buying practices that have also reached Switzerland due to the Corona-virus, thus items may not always be available. For very large items, where transportation is only possible by sea freight, or fragile items that require special packing and handling may have very long lead times. Highly perishable items may only be transported by courier service, which can be very expensive and given the situation that many people nowadays due to the Corona-virus prefer on-line shopping this has put a strain on many courier services.

Of course we go out of our way to source your favorite item of Switzerland but in some cases we won’t be able to comply with your requests if the items are only available in remote areas or specialty shops that would require us to travel ‘vast’ distances to source some products especially in small quantities.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to being of continued service to all our clients with the best Switzerland has to offer.

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