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Soglio Produkte AG - Winner of the Swiss “Prix Montagne” 2019 Award

Swiss House Shop congratulates ‘Soglio Produkte AG’ for being awarded the prestigious 2019 “Prix Montagne” in Switzerland

Soglio Produkte AG - Winner of the Swiss “Prix Montagne” 2019 Award
Soglio Produkte AG - Skin and Body Care for Active People in Tune with Nature – hand-made in Bregaglia, Switzerland.

It all began in 1979, when Mr. Walter Hunkeler, a chemical lab technician with experience in microbiological research, opened a laboratory in his residential house in Soglio, canton of Grisons. Together with Mr. Martin Ermatinger, who was interested in the economic development of the Alpine region, they developed and improved skin care products with the highest quality. Alongside goat butter, they put a new focus on herbs and sheep whey, flowers, and essential oils, which all originated from local producers or were brought from organic farmers in Grisons.

Soglio products embody the respect for the unique cultural landscape of our mountains and contribute to the preservation of this habitat. To sustain the characteristics of the Bregaglia valley, a sustainable and stable development is necessary. The kinship between Soglio Produkte and Bregaglia turns body care into a wholesome wellness experience. Feel nurtured by the force of the mountains!

Swiss House Shop is the sole importer and distributor of Soglio products in Hong Kong since 2016 and thank our partner in Switzerland for their continued trust in Swiss House Shop. You may find the full range of specialty Soglio products on-line in the cosmetics section of our Webshop. For a free consultation of Soglio products please contact Swiss House Shop by Email info@swisshouse-shop.com

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