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Salsiz – The traditional Swiss dried sausage from the Grisons

Salsiz, a specialty of the Swiss canton Graubünden (Grisons), is an air-dried or smoked sausage, which is well known and dearly loved.

Salsiz – The traditional Swiss dried sausage from the Grisons
Salsiz is a salami-style sausage made from a combination of lean beef and pork meat. It originates from the canton of Graubünden and is the ideal ingredient for traditional recipes from the Grisons region, such as Capuns, or it is best enjoyed as part of a packed lunch as a tasty snack for hikers.

The Salsiz, also called Andutgel or Anduchel (probably from the Latin 'inductile'), is a raw sausage from the Grisons in Switzerland. Salsiz balances in the appearance and taste of a Salami, but is characterized by its characteristic rectangular shape, as it is formed in a wooden model. After pressing the Salsiz it is hung to dry in the fresh Alpine air of the Grisons for 3 to 4 weeks.

Salsiz is usually eaten sliced with bread. Ideal on a charcuterie platter or with cheeses and best enjoyed with a Swiss red wine. Swiss House Shop recommendation: Agriloro – Casimiro.

Salsiz, truly is the traditional specialty from the Grisons!

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