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Rivella – the refreshing, healthy sports drink in Switzerland

Rivella is seen as Switzerland's national beverage combining great taste and Swiss freshness

Rivella – the refreshing, healthy sports drink in Switzerland
In 1950 Roberth Barth and the biologist Hans Süsli used a recipe initially conceived to produce a beer made with whey to create a soft drink, which came to be marketed as Rivella Rot in 1952, when Rivella AG was founded. The name Rivella was inspired by the municipality of Riva San Vitale in the Canton Ticino, and the Italian word for "revelation", rivelazione. The initial production began in Stäfa before moving to Rothrist, where it remains to this day.

Rivella is rightfully called the Swiss national drink, with a soft drink market share of around 15%, second only to Coca Cola. Interestingly, the sugar-free version Rivella Blau (Blue) was initially produced as a drink for diabetics in the Netherlands. Only a year later it got introduced in its home-country Switzerland.

What makes Rivella unique is its 35% content of milk whey, a tasteless liquid that remains after extracting the fat and proteins from milk in the cheese production. The healthy whey contains minerals, micronutrients and lactose. Other ingredients in Rivella are fruit juices and… ups… that’s a well kept secret in Switzerland.

Rivella is so popular in Switzerland as it is regarded as the drink for sports enthusiasts. In 1977 Rivella began sponsoring the Swiss National Ski team. In 2017 they celebrated 40 years of partnership in St. Moritz. But moreover Rivella is so popular because of its unique great, and refreshing taste.

At Swiss House Shop you may find the original Rivella Rot (Red) and the Rivella Blau (Blue), which is also referred to as ‘light’. Many customers ask us what it tastes like. Well, there is just no other comparable taste to the unique Rivella drink. So try it and find out for yourself what makes Rivella so popular among the Swiss!

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