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Ramseier – The most popular apple juice in Switzerland

Swiss House Shop offers a range of Ramseier apple juice products in Hong Kong

Ramseier – The most popular apple juice in Switzerland
The apple juice is the cornerstone of the Ramseier product range. The 'Süessmost' is the most popular apple juice in Switzerland. Fully ripe, freshly harvested Swiss apples, no artificial added sugar (apples contain natural sugar), 'Süessmost' is 100% natural, and vegan.

Ramseier has always had a deep connection with nature and the farmers. After all, the Ramseier brand comes from the idyllic town of Ramsei in rural Emmental, canton of Lucerne. Ramseier still lives this bond day after day - by cultivating a fair partnership with the farmers, and by refining the gifts of nature into something special.

At Swiss House Shop you may find the Ramseier ‘Süessmost’ (apple juice) as well as the Ramseier ‘Suure Most Naturtrüeb’ (apple ciders).

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