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Pastetli “Vol-au-Vent” – The famous Swiss dish available from Swiss House Shop

Swiss House Shop brings you the Pastetli “Vol-au-Vent” dish in Hong Kong

Pastetli “Vol-au-Vent” –  The famous Swiss dish available from Swiss House Shop
Vol-Au-Vent 'Pastetli' Filling - Pastetli are a bit of a retro food in Switzerland these days. Back in the days Pastetli were served regularly, mostly on Sundays or when guests were over, but these days this is one of the Swiss meals that has been replaced by many modern families with more exotic foods. But, the Pastetli are still around and they’re still part of the Swiss food landscape.

Pastetli were invented in France where they’re called vol-au-vent, French for ‘windblown’ to describe its lightness. The first time they appeared in a cookbook was in 1739. While they’re served as an appetizer in France, they’re eaten as a main meal not only in Switzerland but also in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also from the Netherlands where our Swiss name Pastetli origins from. The Dutch call them pasteitje (little pastry). From there it came to the German Pastete. Just to add a little complication though, a Pastete in Switzerland is rectangle cake shaped puff pastry pie filled with sausage meat, mushrooms in a delicious creamy sauce.
Pastetli – Now available at Swiss House Shop

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