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Morand Distillerie – ‘Eaux-de-Vie’ from the canton Valais

Swiss House Shop offers a range of liqueurs from Morand Distillerie including the renown Abricotine, Williamine and Williamine ‘Carafe Poire Prisonniere’

Morand Distillerie – ‘Eaux-de-Vie’ from the canton Valais
Distillerie Morand was established in 1889 in Martigny in the Canton of Valais and produces liquors of the highest quality. From the beginnings there has always been a focus on regionally produced fruits to be used to make the liqueurs. The fruits of the ‘Eaux-de-Vie’ are ripe, and hand-picked on arrival at the distillery. Swiss House Shop is proud to introduce the following Morand products to you:

Williamine and Williamine ‘Carafe’ with a pear grown inside the bottle.
Poire Williams – An exceptional fruit. The fine flesh of the Williams pear from the Valais conceals unique aromas that are fully enhanced in the Williamine. Williams pears come exclusively from the Canton of Valais, the fruit's favorite land. The Williamine ‘Carafe’ with its natural pear is a delicate and cult object handed down from generation to generation. This high quality ‘Eau-de-Vie’ has a typical fruity note in the nose a rich, complex taste, and is well balanced.

Abricotine made from Luizet abricots - an inimitable flavor. A traditional apricot from the Canton of Valais, Luizet offers incomparable aromatic qualities for the manufacture of this liqueur. The use of this variety and the exclusive Valais origin are conditions of the AOP. The Distillery operates its own Luizet apricot orchards on the slopes of the town of Saxon. When ripe, the apricots are sorted by hand, crushed and then fermented before being distilled.

Thanks to its intense and fruity flavor, the Williamine and Abricotine are ideally enjoyed as a digestif, at room temperature or chilled. Together with tonic or grapefruit juice they make a perfect long-drink. Also ideal for desserts on a pear sorbet, on a scoop of vanilla ice cream or to highlight a chocolate topping.

Please visit our website for more product specific details on Morand’s ‘Eaux-de-Vie’.

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