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Liqueurs Di Giovanna

Liqueurs Di Giovanna – The beauty of the Ticino captured in every bottle

Liqueurs Di Giovanna
Johanna Stettinger has turned her hobby into a job. In fact, she founded "Liquori di Giovanna", a family-run business of her own, in 2012. And since that moment she has given free rein to her creations under the Ticino sun, producing fruit-based liqueurs, natural and without additives.

Its production is limited because "di Giovanna's Liqueurs" are the result of an artisanal activity: from the preparation of fruit, through maceration or the addition of sugared water to bottling and labeling of the bottles. Giovanna always uses, as far as possible, fruit from the region, making the most of it. The base of all liqueurs is made up of alcohol, fruit and sugared water. However, each liqueur has its own specific production process. It is possible to taste pure or mixed liqueurs, for example Arancino, Fragolino and Meloncino, mixed with Prosecco or white wine are ideal for an aperitif. Moreover, if added to desserts, they give a very special note, while added to the coffee di Giovanna liqueurs will give an unmistakable flavor to the coffee.

Thanks to her wide range of products, Johanna Stettinger has brought Swiss liqueurs back in fashion.

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