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KarlenSwiss – Truly Swiss Traditional Craftsmanship

Unique, and 100% hand-made accessories by KarlenSwiss never go out of style.

KarlenSwiss – Truly Swiss Traditional Craftsmanship
Everything began in 1951, when Titus Karlen founded his boot making saddlery in the earthy mountain village Törbel in the Canton Valais and laid the foundation to this successful family-owned company.

In the atelier of Karlen Swiss, besides proven craftsmanship, numerous accessory collections with a typically Swiss character and unique quality are created. Every single object is made with a lot of dedication and is 100% hand-made.

Using recycling materials from the Swiss Army, the Swiss Railway System, and the Swiss Postal Services, unique pieces are created. Inspired by the rough and originally beautiful mountains of the Swiss Alps, the KarlenSwiss team knows how to breathe life back into these materials and send them on a new journey.

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