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It's Fondue & Raclette Time !!!

The time is right for the most traditional Swiss cheese dishes

It's Fondue & Raclette Time !!!
With the winter approaching rapidly and the temperatures dropping, the time has come to enjoy a Swiss Cheese Fondue or Raclette with friends and family.

Swiss House Shop brings you the finest selection of Swiss cheeses from Art of Fondue in Switzerland to make your evening a memorable one. We offer freshly prepared Fondue mixtures that are imported freshly from Switzerland (never frozen) on a weekly basis.

We feature the traditional "Moitié-Moitié", "Mountain Cheese Fondues but also more refined Fondues such as the "Ticino Merlot", "Saffron" and "Porcini Mushroom" Fondues. Just simply heat them up and enjoy!

Another Swiss traditional dish is of course the Raclette. Enjoy from our selection of "Nature", "Pepper", "Smoked" or our special "Chilly" Raclette.

Please note that our cheeses are not frozen, neither in storage nor during our chilled transport from Switzerland, thus you can enjoy them fresh, or freeze them at your convenience for up to 3 months.

If you are in need of any Fondue or Raclette cooking utensils, you will find a vast selection of Stöckli quality appliances in our Webshop.

It goes without saying that a Fondue or Raclette evening would not be complete without one of the award-winning wines from Agriloro or Wunderstaa available thru Swiss House Shop. Round up your meal with a Kirsch from Etter or Appenzeller or a fine Grappa from Agriloro.

If you are not sure what you might need to complete your Fondue or Raclette evening, Swiss House Shop has prepared some exclusive packages that comprise of everything you might need to make your event a success, including even Swiss traditional music for your background entertainment.

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