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Introducing delicious Swiss jams from Alta Terra

After a long search for the best Swiss jams, Swiss House Shop introduces Alta Terra – Swiss jams in Hong Kong

Introducing delicious Swiss jams from Alta Terra
It has been a long search for a jam not only made in Switzerland but also containing fruits produced in Switzerland and with a high content of fruit in every jar. We are proud to bring to our clients in Hong Kong two delicious Swiss jams from Alta Terra in the Canton of Berne.

The "St. Pierre" Strawberry Jam - the "St. Pierre" strawberry is a specialty, which is rarely planted. The small berries are very flavorful. They need to be processed shortly after the harvest, due to their tender texture. The fresh, ripe fruits are hand-picked and destalked by hand to ensure the fruits are not damaged. And…

The Swiss Apricot Jam - the provenance of the apricots for this exquisite fruity Alta Terra 'Walliser' apricot jam is from a farm in Martigny in the Canton of Valais. The climate in the sunny Valais is especially favorable for the growing of this treasured stone fruit. The fully ripe, very aromatic fruits are hand-picked and pitted by hand.

Enjoy these delicious Swiss jams, that are only produced in small quantities every year in Switzerland.

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