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Holderhof – Natural Sirups for Every Taste

Holderhof is a family-owned Swiss food company that stands for freshness and regionality

Holderhof – Natural Sirups for Every Taste
Holderhof is a food manufacturer with the philosophy "from the field to the bottle". This means that they try to grow a large part of the raw materials on their own farm, process them and fill them in their own production facility. This means that the product stays in their hands from the start until it is ready to be bottled.

What comes from the Holderhof meets the consumer's taste. New products are continuously being developed and introduced. More and more consumers are convinced of their products. No wonder: because they consist of 100 percent natural raw materials. Without artificial sweeteners and colors. Careful harvesting and processing of the fruits result in healthy and aromatic products. This care as well as the love for nature and the end product are the cornerstones of the success of Holderhof.

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