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Cailler Frigor – 100 Years of pure indulgence

Cailler Frigor Swiss chocolate is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary

Cailler Frigor – 100 Years of pure indulgence
Is there anyone in Switzerland who doesn't know the Cailler Frigor chocolate? In its distinctive red packaging, and unique taste, it's not just crunchy on the outside but smooth and flavorful on the inside. You could celebrate this chocolate all the time, but we're doing it right now – because Cailler Frigor is turning 100 this year!

The particularly creamy milk chocolate was developed in 1923 by maitre confectioner Charles Panchaud on behalf of company boss Noel Cailler.

Frigor was the second filled chocolate bar in the world after “Cremor” created by Séchaud Fils from Montreux in Switzerland, which has since been discontinued in 1987. Thus Frigor is the only filled chocolate that has been produced for 100 years. By the way, the name Frigor derives from the two French words “frais” and “or” (in English: “fresh” and “gold”).

The first packaging was replaced just a few years later - the wife of the company manager came back one day from a trip to Asia and put her scarf on a Frigor chocolate box. Inspired by this sight, the typical packaging was created, which we still know today, and makes Frigor so unmistakable.

If you don't know the taste yet of Frigor imagine that you bite gently on a milk chocolate bar and then get the impression that you are enjoying mousse au chocolat. Truly unmistakable Swiss chocolate enjoyment at its finest.

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