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Bschüssig – A passion for pasta since 1876

Bschüssig - Traditional Swiss Pasta since 1876

Bschüssig – A passion for pasta since 1876
For 140 years Bschüssig pasta is the byword for the high art of traditional Swiss pasta. Its popularity is due to the way it is carefully produced in Frauenfeld, canton of Thurgau, as well as its use of premium ingredients such as the purest semolina and the best quality Swiss free-range eggs.

The wide array of shapes in the Bschüssig collection give cooks plenty of ideas and inspire them to get creative.

The "secret" is the careful production of the Pasta Premium AG with its approx. 50 employees in Frauenfeld in the eastern part of Switzerland. The best ingredients such as the semolina, fresh Swiss mineral water, and since 2011 only Swiss free-range eggs in all 3-egg paste ensure the best Swiss quality, taste and environmentally sustainable production.

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