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Bier Factory Swiss Pale Ale and Fondue Beer

Introducing Bier Factory's craft beers to Hong Kong

Bier Factory Swiss Pale Ale and Fondue Beer
The craft beer brewery Bier Factory opened its doors many years ago and is one of the oldest craft beer breweries in Switzerland. Over the years this small brewery has gained a lot of respect from the local craft beer scene, due to their continuous innovation and production of high quality beer. All beers are hand brewed, unfiltered and mostly top-fermented. Bier Factory produce several American style beers (IPA, Swiss Pale Ale, Stout, Craft Lager….) as well as seasonal specials such as Fondue Bier, Pumpkin Ale or beer containing Chocolate and Marshmallows.

Swiss House Shop is proud to introduce a selection of Swiss traditional craft beers from Bier Factory to Hong Kong

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