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Swiss 'Landjäger' (4 x 50 g) ***On Stock Item***

Swiss 'Landjäger' (4 x 50 g) ***On Stock Item***

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Swiss "Landjäger" Smoked

Pack, 4 x 50 g

This product is shipped fresh from Switzerland and was never frozen

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Product Description


    Swiss "Landjäger"

    This Swiss traditional sausage is smoked and perfect for every pick-nick or as a tasty snack.

    Landjäger is a semidried sausage traditionally made in Switzerland, Southern Germany, Austria, and Alsace. It is popular as a snack food during activities such as hiking. It also has a history as soldier's food because it keeps without refrigeration and comes in single-meal portions.

    According to the Swiss German Dictionary, the name Landjäger was possibly derived from the dialect expression lang tige(n) 'smoked for a long time, air-cured for a long time'. The humorous reinterpretation in sense of 'mounted police' may be inspired by the comparison of the stiffness of sausages with the perceived military rigidity of a police officer. The Alsatian and French names for smoked air-cured sausage, Gendarm and gendarme, are apparently translations of the folk-etymologized German name.

    Landjäger sausages are made of roughly equal portions of beef and pork with lard, sugar, red wine, and spices. They are each 15–20 cm in length, made into links of two. Prior to smoking and drying, they are pressed into a mold, which gives them their characteristic rectangular cross-section of about 2 1⁄2 cm.

    Usually the Landjäger is eaten as a snack with bread, pickled cucumbers and is excellent also with Swiss cheeses. The Landjäger though can also be cooked and are excellent for example in potato gratins, polenta, and with beans.

    Nutrition Information (per 100g)

    Energy:                  483 kcal
    Total fat:                       41 g
    - Saturated fat:            21 g
    - Trans fat:                    0 g
    Protein:                         26 g
    Carbohydrates:          0.5 g
    - Sugars:                   <0.3 g
    Sodium:                       3.9 g

    Beef and pork meat products smoked. Beef, bacon, rind, pork, nitrite curing salt (table salt, preservative E250), spices, dextrose, glucose syrup, antioxidant E301, E300. Casing: beef collagen

    Allergen information: None

    This product is shipped fresh from Switzerland and was never frozen. Keep refrigerated (4 -7°C)

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Canton of Manufacture Basel
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