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What makes the Zweifel ‘Paprika’ the favorite chips of Switzerland?

It doesn’t get much better than Zweifel Paprika chips. Crunchy, flavourful, and just delicious.

What makes the Zweifel ‘Paprika’ the favorite chips of Switzerland?
Deliciously spicy and smoky, the classic Original Paprika flavor lends Zweifel 'Paprika' chips the perfect seasoning.

Since 1964 we have enjoyed the most popular potato chips ‘Paprika’ flavor in Switzerland. The Paprika recipe has been the same since the very beginning and remains secret to this day. Original Paprika Chips are Zweifel's most popular and best-selling product in Switzerland.

Using only the best of local Swiss ingredients Zweifel uses rape-seed oil and salt from the mines of Bex. But even for the potatoes, that are 95% produced in Switzerland, Zweifel knows the potato farmers, which is why the origin of the potatoes is listed on each crunchy chips packet.

Enjoy and unique Swiss chips experience with Zweifel 'Paprika'

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