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Turicum – The Spirit of Zurich

Swiss House Shop introduces Turicum Gin and Vodka products from Better Taste GmbH to Hong Kong!

Turicum – The Spirit of Zurich
It all started in June 2013, when Merlin Kofler and Oliver Honegger visited English gin distilleries. Inspired by the craftsmanship, they decided to produce their own gin. The goal was to create a gin that represents Zurich’s spirit and that caters to the locals’ taste. What started as an adventure of friends has become a popular spirit – far beyond the Zurich city limits.

Distilled in the heart of Zurich, Turicum Gin is crafted in small batches. The London dry label guarantees our unique flavor which is obtained through the re-distillation in traditional stills in the presence of all natural ingredients and water, with no additional sweetening.

Turicum Gin is a London Dry Gin which takes its name from Turicum, Zurich‘s ancient name in Roman times. Distilled in the heart of Zurich, the botanicals used in Turicum Gin are selected with great care. Locally sourced and handpicked ingredients shape the gin‘s unique character - a tribute to the city‘s origins. Discerning taste, clear color, unexpected flavor. Turicum – Handcrafted in Zurich

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