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Summer Time is “Beach Time”

With the summer in full swing it’s time to head to the beaches of Hong Kong

Summer Time is “Beach Time”
From Shek O to Discovery Bay there are plenty of beautiful beaches to spend the day at in Hong Kong with family and friends. The sun being so hot remember to bring plenty of drinks, sun glasses, hats, and of course sunscreen. Whether you just enjoy the day at the beach or combine it with a little hike remember to bring these essentials with you always.

At Swiss House Shop you find many products that help you protect your loved ones and make your beach day more enjoyable. Swiss soft drinks to keep you hydrated and sun-tan lotions for every occasion from Soglio and Ultrasun to give you maximum sun protection. From Soglio we feature the all natural formulated ‘Solar 7’ sunscreen lotion. Solar 7 inhibits the dehydration of your skin, which is essential for the preservation of the self-protection strength of your skin. Walnut shells- and chestnut leaf extracts enhance the protection effects. The ‘Alpine Après-Solar’ is a natural cooling after-sun gel with lavender oil, extracts of marigold and amber that support the natural skin balance. The gel provides an intense hydration and soothes the sun-stressed skin. The gel is quickly absorbed by your skin without greasing. Regular and continuous application ensures a beautiful and long-lasting sun-tan.

The Ultrasun ‘Baby SPF50’ is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non sticky almost invisible UVA and UVB (SPF50) sun protection with antioxidants - ideal for babies and ultra sensitive skin. The Ultrasun – ‘Extreme SPF50+’ is especially formulated for hikers and beach goers providing sun protection with a fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and non-sticky UVA and UVB gel with GSP-T for infrared protection using lamellar technology – the ideal protection for extreme sun conditions and extremely sensitive skin.

Enjoy the hot summer weather with the best Swiss Alpine protection.

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