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Spiess - St. Galler Veal Bratwurst (2 x 130 g) ***Pre-Order Item***

Spiess - St. Galler Veal Bratwurst (2 x 130 g) ***Pre-Order Item***

Spiess - St. Galler Kalbsbratwurst

Pack, 2 x 130 g

This product is shipped fresh from Switzerland and was never frozen

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Product Description


    Spiess - St. Galler Kalbsbratwurst

    This famous Swiss veal sausage is an all time favorite for BBQs or as dish for example with Swiss Rösti and onion sauce.

    Documented evidence indicates the St. Galler Bratwurst existed during the 15th century. A publication from 1438 by the butcher’s guild of St. Gallen outlines the requirements for producing this sausage. Since that time, the fundamental ingredients of this recipe have not changed.

    St. Galler Bratwurst earned an IGP (Indications géographiques protégées) designation in 2008. Sausages that have the IGP label, among other requirements, must be made in the cantons of St. Gallen, Appenzell Inerrhoden, Appenzell Ausserhoden or Thurgau. In addition, the pork used for this sausage must come from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Switzerland.

    This bratwurst contains veal and pork, and has a white color, in part, due to the milk added to the sausage. To be labeled as a St. Galler Bratwurst IGP, butchers must use salt, white pepper and mace (the grated shell of nutmeg). Other ingredients, such as onion, lemon, cardamom, coriander, celery and ginger are allowed, but not mandatory. The St. Galler Bratwurst is cooked, not smoked. In general, butchers cook the St. Galler Bratwurst for around 20 minutes in water heated to about 70°C (158°F).

    Spiess has been passionately producing sausage and meat products, ham and bacon products for over 50 years. Using the very best pork, beef and veal from farms in the region, which attach great importance to the keeping of the animals. Spiess keeps what they promise! Guaranteed freshness and quality of the meat products, which are subject to constant, strict controls in Switzerland.

    In the summertime, a popular way to prepare the St. Galler Bratwurst is on the grill. Another typical way to have this sausage is pan-fried with an onion sauce.

    The difference between the Olma Bratwurst and the Kalbsbratwurst is not only the size but the designated name Kalbsbratwurst is regulated by the Swiss IGP that it must contain more than 50% of the meat to be veal.

    Nutrition Information (per 100g)

    Energy:                  240 kcal
    Total fat:                      20 g
    - Saturated fat:             8 g
    - Trans fat:                    0 g
    Protein:                         13 g
    Carbohydrates:         1. 5 g
    - Sugars:                        1 g
    Sodium:                       1.6 g

    Allergen information: This product contains milk, monosodium glutamate and soy

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    Order acceptance deadline is 14 days prior to 'Available on' date noted. 

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Canton of Manufacture St. Gallen
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    1. Cannot believe it's available in Hong Kong Review by Marc
      Customer Service

      Fantastic Swiss House Shop! Also thank you for changing the packing to two sausages! Make sure you always have on stock so I can order! (Posted on 4/10/2018)

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