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Stalden Dessert Crème – a true Swiss delight

Stalden Dessert Crèmes now available at Swiss House Shop – Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel

Stalden Dessert Crème – a true Swiss delight
It does not get any better than Stalden Swiss Dessert Creams… close your eyes and indulge yourself in the sweetest, creamiest, delightful taste of dessert creams the world has to offer.

Stalden Cremes are produced carefully with the best ingredients and without any chemical additives. Every day, the best milk from Swiss cows is delivered to the Stalden kitchens, where it is gently prepared with finest ingredients. With this light and airy specialty, you really can make dessert dreams come true.

You have guests and no dessert? Delight your guests with this ready made dessert sensation. Just take from the fridge, serve and enjoy!

Parents beware: Lock your fridges – you will have a hard time keeping the kids away from the Stalden creams. Or should this warning also be issued to adults? Most definitely!

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